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The United Arab Emirates Goes To War (And for the rulers, all bets are off)

(Personal plug: Buy my most recent darkly comedic book, The Ultimate Survivalist’s Guide to Suicide, on Amazon for free for the next five days!) It’s a country of endless beaches, very pleasant winter weather,… Continue reading

The Geopolitics of the United Arab Emirates (Or, A Study In How Small Places Avoid Getting Wiped Out)

As my home for four years, I got to know the United Arab Emirates quite well.  It was a strange, fucked up place full of wonders that shouldn’t have been there, ranging from… Continue reading

Saudi Arabia’s Panic Is Geopolitically Sound

If you’ve lived in the Persian Gulf for a while, seeing one of its countries throw a shit-fit on an international stage won’t surprise you all that much.  You get used to that… Continue reading

The Geopolitical Game of the Persian Gulf (Or, how all the king’s men are increasingly screwed)

Iran’s back in the news – deal or no deal, they ask?  Much of it hinges on internal factors nobody knows except the Iranian government’s higher ups.  You can flip a coin and… Continue reading