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The Syrian Civil War FAQ (Or: What the hell is going on in Syria these days?)

For those who have heard but don’t really know, here’s the what what of Syria’s nasty civil war.

The Air War On ISIS (Probably) Won’t Work: Or, Don’t Drone Your Way To Victory

The air war on the Islamic State won’t work, and this is why.

The Islamic State, The 30 Years’ War, and How This Wretched New War May Be Worth Fighting After All

The Islamic State is everything horrible that’s been brewing the Middle East since 1979 finally come to fruition.  At long last, all those nasty clerics who have been saying “Islam is the solution”… Continue reading

The view from Raqqa: The many, many challenges of the Islamic State

Welcome to a world of imagination! So you go to bed one night and you wake up the next day in the body of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the leader of ISIS.  Now you might… Continue reading

The Kings, Sheikhs, and Dictators of the Middle East Have United Against ISIS (Or: How To Make Frenemies)

What with all the classic American media fear mongering of how ISIS is going to come to your house this weekend and totally ruin your landscaping and maybe also behead you, it’s easy… Continue reading

America Goes to War with the Islamic State (And Once More, It’s All About Oil)

Nobody who has ever seen The Road should be all that horrified by what ISIS has done. When you’re in a post-acocalyptic nightmare land, you’ll grasp onto whatever straws of order you can… Continue reading

ISIS Is Going to Change Everything In the Middle East

There was a time not so long ago when it seemed like the Middle East’s worst problems were either endless cycles of tit-for-tat violence or mind-numbing stagnation.  In 2010, it was possible to… Continue reading

From al-Zarqawi to Mosul: Who the hell is ISIS?

Listen up, haters!  The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a bad-ass organization of super terrorists who will totally ruin your weekend – if they could afford the plane ticket and could… Continue reading