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Israel and America Are Breaking Up (And For Once, Obama Is Ahead of the Curve)

It can be hard to see the difference between the relationships formed by leaders and the geopolitical relationships of states. Leaders can be friends; they can trust one another, they can hate one… Continue reading

Why the hell does America support Israel? (A fine story for a Monday)

Now that title ought to catch a few Google searches there.  Anyone who’s ever been in an abusive relationship understands the belief that sometimes, even though he keeps on yelling and hitting, you know, deep… Continue reading

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Will Go On Until It Can’t (Or: When Proxy Wars Lose Their Value, They End)

You could wake up in 1950, 1960, 1970, or 1980 and read more or less similar headlines.  Arab forces, outmatched but full of dumb, brave young men, launch attacks on Israel.  Israel kills… Continue reading

Iran’s Deal One Step Closer to Total American Domination (And Incidentally, One Step Closer to Peace)

First, a review. America wants a Middle East divided into a stable balance of power guaranteed by the United States  This is the working formula for Europe that ended European anarchy.  Remember that from… Continue reading

Geopolitical Round-up (November 22)

So let’s take a quick run-around the world and see what’s what in the news these days, looking how power relationships are changing as we move into the mid-point of the decade. The… Continue reading

Why Israel Is Too Hot To Talk About (Or, Why Internet Discussions About It Descend Rapidly Into Idiocy)

Nations don’t have friends, they have interests.  Thanks De Gaulle!  Such an idea underpins much in foreign relations.  Nobody out there is friends with your country, much as you might think they are.… Continue reading

Syria Is Not Important Enough To Start World War III

Good Lord.  In a way, I’m shocked that I even have to say this, but I’m seeing plenty of evidence some people are thinking the world’s about to end. Yes, the Internet is… Continue reading