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Why Bully Peaceful Sweden? Because Some People Just Can’t Help Themselves

In the the past few years, the Russians have really gone out of their way to be uber-dicks to the Swedes.  From invading the country’s air space to sending what remains of the… Continue reading

Putin Should Scare The Hell Out Of Just About Everyone

In April, Russia invaded Crimea.  Behind a smokescreen of propaganda, Putin made it out like he was liberating Crimea’s Russians from a proto-fascist regime in Kiev that was bent on butchering its opponents… Continue reading

Attention Americans! Yes, you should know where Ukraine is (and that’s just the beginning of where you should be informing your opinion)

Here now is a classic moment of why I started this website.  Americans, apparently, have stereotypically fuzzy knowledge of where Ukraine is.  If they can’t even figure out where the fuck the place… Continue reading

The Advantages and Limits of Seeing Putin As Hitler

If you’ve done your job right as a world leader, someone has, at one point, compared you to Hitler.  The comparison is super lazy; mostly, opposition groups mean to slander somebody by saying… Continue reading