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Will Putin Invade Ukraine For Winter? (Or: Putin’s Weakened Hand Will Make Him More Dangerous)

(Shameless plug: Buy my new darkly comedic, satirical book on the world of suicide, the Ultimate Survivalist’s Guide to Suicide!  It’s been called “hauntingly hilarious” and “beyond thought provoking.”  Review, share, and enjoy!)… Continue reading

Putin Should Scare The Hell Out Of Just About Everyone

In April, Russia invaded Crimea.  Behind a smokescreen of propaganda, Putin made it out like he was liberating Crimea’s Russians from a proto-fascist regime in Kiev that was bent on butchering its opponents… Continue reading

Geopolitics Will Make It Hard to Get Even For What Happened to MH17

Why justice will be hard to come by for the victims of Malaysia Flight 17.

China and Russia Draw Closer: Or, America Should Worry, But Not Panic

Mr. Putin must feel pretty good after signing that $400 billion natural gas deal.  With a massive cash infusion such as that over a predictable schedule, Putin’s Russia is in much better shape… Continue reading

Attention Americans! Yes, you should know where Ukraine is (and that’s just the beginning of where you should be informing your opinion)

Here now is a classic moment of why I started this website.  Americans, apparently, have stereotypically fuzzy knowledge of where Ukraine is.  If they can’t even figure out where the fuck the place… Continue reading

2013 in Review (Or, A Cliche but Highly Traditional Way to Ring in A New Year)

I’ll be off on holiday for the next few weeks, so there’ll be no updates until January 6, 2014.  So why not end this year with a review of that which happened, that… Continue reading

The Battle over Ukraine

Riots! Fires! Threats of higher import and custom duties!  Oh my! Ukraine’s not been this interesting since the last time the media noticed that it’s Ukraine, not the Ukraine.  Russia is mightily pissed, and… Continue reading

Trying to Guess the Next Twenty Years

It’s fun to predict, even when we’re wrong.  So let’s predict away!  There’s a very real chance of being wrong on specifics, so I’m not about to say “Russia will invade Mexico to… Continue reading

5 Great Conspiracies Made Geopolitical

It’s tons of fun to fall into alternative realities, as well as think you’re smarter than everyone around you.  Hence the reason why conspiracy theory books sell quite well, and why, even when… Continue reading

What We Think We’ve Learned From Syria

It’s been over a week.  That’s the appropriate time to draw lessons, right?  Alright, let’s make a quick run down of the situation. Without warning, Putin offered something approaching a good idea He… Continue reading