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2014 in Geopolitical Review (Or: It Was An Ugly Year)

2014 was the worst. And here it is in review.

Will Putin Invade Ukraine For Winter? (Or: Putin’s Weakened Hand Will Make Him More Dangerous)

(Shameless plug: Buy my new darkly comedic, satirical book on the world of suicide, the Ultimate Survivalist’s Guide to Suicide!  It’s been called “hauntingly hilarious” and “beyond thought provoking.”  Review, share, and enjoy!)… Continue reading

Obama Has Given Everyone A Glimpse of A World Without America

There was some positive feedback last July when I wrote about a World Without America.  The underpinning idea of the series was simple: a world with many equal powers is way more dangerous… Continue reading

Putin Should Scare The Hell Out Of Just About Everyone

In April, Russia invaded Crimea.  Behind a smokescreen of propaganda, Putin made it out like he was liberating Crimea’s Russians from a proto-fascist regime in Kiev that was bent on butchering its opponents… Continue reading

Geopolitics Will Make It Hard to Get Even For What Happened to MH17

Why justice will be hard to come by for the victims of Malaysia Flight 17.

The Russian Denial Strategy In Ukraine (Or: The “If I Can’t Have It, No One Will” Of Geopolitics)

What do you when some bro is way bigger than you, stronger than you, has more friends than you, and wants to start telling you what to do? You could fight, but you’d… Continue reading

Attention Americans! Yes, you should know where Ukraine is (and that’s just the beginning of where you should be informing your opinion)

Here now is a classic moment of why I started this website.  Americans, apparently, have stereotypically fuzzy knowledge of where Ukraine is.  If they can’t even figure out where the fuck the place… Continue reading

The Advantages and Limits of Seeing Putin As Hitler

If you’ve done your job right as a world leader, someone has, at one point, compared you to Hitler.  The comparison is super lazy; mostly, opposition groups mean to slander somebody by saying… Continue reading

Ukraine’s Burning Because A House Is Divided

(Refer to my previous article about the long term geopolitical history of Ukraine first in case you’re new). In the past week, Ukraine’s government has gone nuts on its protest movement that just… Continue reading

2013 in Review (Or, A Cliche but Highly Traditional Way to Ring in A New Year)

I’ll be off on holiday for the next few weeks, so there’ll be no updates until January 6, 2014.  So why not end this year with a review of that which happened, that… Continue reading