If you’re coming around here often, no doubt you’ve noticed some changes.  What the hell do I think I’m doing?  I’ll tell you what.

I started this website as a hobby.  I wanted to write about geopolitical stuff ‘cuz I quite loved doing that, and then I started to chase hits for the sake of chasing hits, and then I started to swallow myself up in secret special language normally reserved for secret special meetings.  I set a target of two articles a week, travel notwithstanding, to create a level of confidence that when regulars stopped by, there’d be something new to read.

I’ve revamped the mission statement of the site to be more in tune with what I’m actually quite good at and to tone down the stuff I’m not really qualified to be doing.  Speculation is fun, but anybody can do it.  Analyzing is great, but again that’s not really my job.  I mean to put the ‘super’ back in this website by making updates more swear-filled, easier to relate to, and more informative for your average Joe.  If you’re, like, the smartest and you know just about everything there is on geopolitics and foreign affairs, you might not get much from this site, but honestly, you never did anyway.

To that end, and to make sure articles are both fun (like sex) and informative (like a condom demonstration), I’m cutting down the article count to weekly so I can really focus on when is the absolute best time to say use the word “Fuck” when describing North Korean provocations.  So this is the last Monday update barring extraordinary, comment-worthy news events that could use some ‘splaining.  Feel free to give feedback in e-mail or in the comments section.